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Mobile storage systems maximizes or reduces space needed for any areas within a company, including records, parts storage, materials storage, libraries, supplies, and any other collections. We provide free analysis and design services for architects and end users for this specialized product. We offer revit and acad modules of this product.

Mobile storage systems are customized by the nature of the product, to any shape or size that fits the customers’ needs. The Mobile systems accept any type of shelving or cabinets for the particular application ie: industrial or office 4-post shelving, library cantilever shelving, wide span shelving or pallet rack, museum style cabinets, wire type shelving, map cabinets, and many more.

Mobile storage systems can be operated by Power operation, Mechanical Assist operation, and in very small applications, manual operation. All systems come with appropriate safety systems that will assure complete safety to the end users. Our powered system is fully backed by underwriter’s laboratories. Our free analysis will determine the type of system needed for the particular application, as well as the type of shelving or cabinets required, and any accessories.


ISSI has an extensive catalog of space efficient, cost effective storage solutions for any situation. We also provide laminate, steel, and stainless steel modular casework for any application.


Have a question? Do you have a special storage need for your next, or current project? Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the answers you need.