Our customizable mobile storage systems, including four-post shelving, library cantilever shelving, and wide-span racks, optimize space and productivity. We specialize in tailored solutions, from sleek library shelving to durable modular casework for healthcare and laboratories.


Our mobile storage systems are designed to maximize space, reduce costs, and increase productivity through custom, specialized products tailored exactly to your needs.

Our mobile storage systems are equipped to handle four-post shelving for industrial or office spaces, library cantilever shelving, wide-span shelving and pallet racks, museum cabinets, wire shelving, and more.

Our mobile shelving systems can be operated automatically through our power operation option, mechanically through our mechanical assist option, or even manually in smaller applications. All systems are designed to ensure user safety and are backed by an underwriting laboratory when necessary. With free analysis to determine your system’s needs, we’re setting the bar for these innovative storage solutions.

Library Shelving & Casework

We collaborate with architects and librarians to outfit libraries of any style or size with shelving, casework, and furniture systems that maximize space and streamline organizational efficiency.

From steel cantilevers to elegant wood veneers, our decades of space-saving success in libraries of every kind have allowed us to tailor our library services to any aesthetic. Whether you’re embarking on a new build or a simple renovation, we’ve got you covered, from the circulation desk to the stacks.

Stationary Shelving

Our stationary shelving comes in a wide range of styles. We offer four-post shelving in steel or wood, light-duty industrial shelving, wide-space and pallet racks, and high-bay shelving for archive and record centers.

Stationary shelving needs to be tailored to fit the specific needs of a client’s space. That’s why we offer free architectural and design analysis to determine what sizes and styles are best suited for you.

Lockers & Weapon Racks

We offer a full suite of standard and specialized metal lockers for schools, hospitals, and maintenance departments. We also provide weapons-grade lockers and secure racks for law enforcement and military facilities. These highly secure units are compatible with pad, combination, and key locks.

Our laminate and plastic lockers are the perfect fit for health and country clubs and offer an array of interior design options.

Our full line of evidence lockers are built with high-gauge steel and are certified by New York State to store vital and sensitive materials to the letter of the law.

All of our lockers can be installed on fixed or mobile carriages.

Laminate Modular Casework

Our laminate modular casework solutions set the industry standard for healthcare facilities, schools, and laboratories. Durable, flexible, and mobile, our modular casework is a superior alternative to those produced by standard millwork.

These products include a lifetime warranty against most defects and retain their value much longer than millwork alternatives.

We offer start-to-finish service all the way through to inspection in collaboration with designers, architects, and regulators.

With a shorter lead time than millwork options, our laminate modular casework can also be changed or adapted on short notice to serve your needs best. We provide standard finishes for all products, with laminate options available at an additional price upon request. Casework accessories, including sinks, faucets, lighting, and more, can be added to any project to ensure your space reaches its full potential.

Steel/ Stainless Modular Casework

Our powder-coat and stainless steel modular casework provide the same functional, efficient solutions as our laminate options. They are perfect for laboratory and healthcare applications as many medical facilities require steel.

Like all of our modular casework services, we provide free architectural and design analysis to best determine your casework needs. Pricing is based on these evaluations. Casework accessories, including sinks, faucets, lighting, and more, can be added to any project to ensure your space reaches its full potential.

Industrial Shelving & Pallet Racks

We offer industrial shelving, wide-span racks, and pallet rack systems for manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse facilities.

Our standard industrial shelving is designed for light to medium-weight applications and can reliably hold up to five hundred pounds per shelf. Our wide-span rack products, available in metal or wood decking, can comfortably hold up to fifteen hundred pounds per shelf. Our pallet rack systems are constructed of heavy-duty beams and frames and can hold pallets weighing in excess of five thousand pounds. A full pallet rack bay is equipped to store up to sixty thousand pounds of stored material, depending on the frame size.

Free design analysis is available to determine the industrial shelving application that best fits your storage needs.

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