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We provide excellent quality laminate modular casework for hospitals/medical facilities, schools, and laboratories. Modular Casework is durable, flexible, and contains the ability to be moved and reused, a unique quality versus built in millwork. 

Laminate Modular Casework also carries a lifetime warranty against product defects, and is depreciable over a shorter time period than millwork.

Typical applications in a medical facility for laminate modular casework are exam rooms, pharmacies, labs, nurses’ stations, operating rooms, pantries, lockers, and many more. As with our other products, we provide a turnkey process, from design to inspection. We offer free analysis and design services for the architects. We can estimate their design of the casework, while providing our own drawings for the product, with revit and acad modules of this product.

Typical areas in schools would be classrooms, labs, work rooms, and locker areas.

Modular Casework requires a shorter lead time than Millwork, and is changeable on short notice. The customer can choose from standard finishes, or pick any laminate choice they desire for an additional price. We can also provide many accessories that go along with the casework, such as sinks/faucets, under cabinet lighting, and many more.


ISSI has an extensive catalog of space efficient, cost effective storage solutions for any situation. We also provide laminate, steel, and stainless steel modular casework for any application.


Have a question? Do you have a special storage need for your next, or current project? Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the answers you need.