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We can provide a wide variety of storage and file cabinets for all applications in an office or industrial environment. This includes standard lateral and vertical cabinets for office/paper applications, as well as combination drawer and shelf units. Cabinets for maintenance and automotive repair facilities are a big part of our product offering.

Storage cabinets come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on the customer’s needs. As with all of our products, we will perform free analysis and design services to determine the correct cabinet needed in each instance. Another key factor in determining which type of storage cabinet is needed is the weight requirement for the material being stored in the cabinet. Do you need a standard or heavy duty cabinet? Also, as with shelving, it is important to know what is going in the cabinet, so the ideal width and depth of the cabinet can be determined. Also, there are many interior options for storage or file cabinets. There are standard shelves, dividers for shelves, pull out drawers, rails for hanging storage, and many more. Storage cabinets can be standard or heavy duty metal, but also laminate storage cabinets for those environments that want a softer, decorative look. Our customized surveys will determine the right storage or file cabinet for each situation.


ISSI has an extensive catalog of space efficient, cost effective storage solutions for any situation. We also provide laminate, steel, and stainless steel modular casework for any application.


Have a question? Do you have a special storage need for your next, or current project? Let our knowledgeable staff help you find the answers you need.