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We provide many space efficient storage solutions to the Industrial/Manufacturing sector. Pallet Rack is a very common need in this market to house the pallets on which companies store their bulk materials. High density storage and mezzanine systems are ways these companies maximize their valuable space.

There are also space efficient variations of pallet rack such as Push Back Rack, gravity flow rack, and also placing pallet rack on one of our industrial Mobile systems. Industrial clip or nut & bolt shelving, either as fixed units, or on standard Mobile carriages, is another common storage solution for this market. This type of shelving is adaptable for small to medium size parts and materials, and can accept accessories such as bins and drawers. Our automated storage and retrieval systems provides both space efficiencies, as they can use up to 30’ of vertical space, as well as a more productive retrieval system. Inventory software is available for these units. Vertical carousels or Lifts are ideal for small to medium size parts that are retrieved in an active area. We can also provide a mezzanine system, either shelf supported, or a structurally supported mezzanine. This allows a manufacturer or distributor to maximize use of that large vertical cube. Shelving or Mobile shelving can be installed under or on top of the mezzanine. We also provide numerous storage related accessories in this market, such as wire cages or partitions for additional security, well as AGV equipment to assist moving and retrieving materials throughout the facility.


ISSI has an extensive catalog of space efficient, cost effective storage solutions for any situation. We also provide laminate, steel, and stainless steel modular casework for any application.


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