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Archive areas are created by private companies, schools, libraries, government, and other organizations which need to create a central location for their older records. Typically, they are in warehouse type environments, with high ceilings. Of course, our high density storage solutions are ideal for these environments.

Industrial, 4-post, or wide span shelving are typical static shelving solutions for archive centers. They need to be sized correctly to house the archive or cubic boxes that are mostly found in archive areas. Any of these types of shelving can go up to 15’ high. There is also high bay shelving, which can go up to 30’ high. Obviously, with this type of shelving, one would need automated picking equipment (hi-lo’s-etc.)

Any type of archive shelving can be used on one of our mobile storage systems. Due to the size of Mobile systems usually required for Archive areas, a powered mobile system is usually the solution. Mobile systems are the ideal solution for Archives, as one can really maximize that footprint for many more years for their archive records. We can provide our standard capacity Mobile systems or high capacity industrial Mobile systems. There is also a high bay mobile system for those 30’ high applications. 

We also provide mezzanines for archive environments. Since archive areas typically have high ceilings, mezzanines create two storage levels, thus avoiding the need to retrieve the records with automated machines. We can provide static or mobile shelving below and on top of a mezzanine for an Archive Center.


ISSI has an extensive catalog of space efficient, cost effective storage solutions for any situation. We also provide laminate, steel, and stainless steel modular casework for any application.


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