Inner Space systems, Inc. Provides space and cost efficient storage solutions and modular casework solutions for healthcare, education, libraries, government, corporate, museum, and industrial markets. Our products and services helps these institutions improve their environments, increase profits, and reduce costs resulting in a more productive institution.

New Case Study - St. Nersess Library -Armonk, NY

Provided steel and wood shelving for the new library for this Armenian seminary. We helped design the shelving layout and provided product from various manufacturers to meet their goals. We also installed shelving for their archive collection in the basement level. It turned out to be a beautiful installation.

Recent Success Story - Camp Hartell-Windsor Locks, CT

This project truly shows the diversity of our product solutions. We provided large wire storage cages, personal wardrobe lockers, and shelving. This National Guard facility built a new Ready Center on their existing site. Inner Space has the ability to provide numerous solutions to many various business and government markets.

Recent Success Story - Westwood Police Department

This project is one of numerous law enforcement facilities that we have worked on in the past 2 years. We provided large law enforcement lockers for their beautiful new facility along with gun racks for their armory. Law enforcement facilities are very specialized projects and require much attention to detail, especially during the construction phase of the project. Inner Space is up to the task.

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  • Mobile Shelving

    We provide Powered, Mechanical Assist, and Manual Mobile systems for many applications within all commercial and government markets. Mobile shelving is the most space efficient product in the marketplace-as it allows companies to store more paper or material in less space, thus allowing firms to re-capture space for more productive uses. We provide free surveys to determine how a mobile storage system can benefit your company.
  • Library Systems

    We provide steel and wood shelving systems for all types of libraries, including corporate, school, and public libraries. Our library portfolio also contains casework and library furniture to completely outfit your new or renovated library. We can also meet any custom needs in your library environment. We provide design assistance pertaining to our products at no charge.
  • Modular Casework

    We provide all types of modular casework to most vertical markets. Our product line includes laminate, chemical resistant laminate, powder coat steel, and stainless steel, in both standard and custom sizes. We offer a multitude of countertop finishes-laminates, phenolic, solid, and stainless surfaces. Our product has from 10 year to limited lifetime warranties. We provide design services for this product, and offer better lead times and less installation times than custom millwork.
  • Industrial Shelving

    We offer an array of industrial related storage and retrieval systems typically found in warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution environments. This includes nut/bolt or clip industrial shelving, wide span shelving or rack, and various forms of pallet rack systems, such as push back or flow rack. Our industrial shelving or pallet rack systems are also available as Mobile systems, thus maximizing that valuable floor space. We also offer industrial automated storage and retrieval systems. Our free surveys will help determine which product is right for your needs.
  • Rotary Cabinets

    These are very unique cabinets that can maximize your floor space and provide for your various customized storage needs. They are built based on our free survey that will determine your storage needs-whether for paper files, card or data media, binders, forms, hanging folders, end tab folders, or any combination within the same cabinet. The Rotary cabinet is a 2 sided cabinet that rotates, therefore uses less space than conventional file or storage cabinets, and can be adapted to changing needs.
  • Personal & Evidence

    We offer a complete product line of lockers-from standard metal lockers you may find in schools or hospitals, to specialized evidence lockers for the law enforcement community. We also provide more durable personal duty lockers for law enforcement and the Military, as well as weapons racks/lockers to military and law enforcement personnel. Our product line also includes laminate or phenolic lockers typically found in health or country clubs.
  • Healthcare

    Many of our products are ideal for this market. Our Framewrx storage systems, both fixed and mobile, can outfit all clean core storage areas, OR, or ED storage rooms. Our bulk shelving and rack is suitable for the materials storage room. Our various types of modular casework fits well in the Pharmacy, OR’s, Labs, nurses stations, and pantry areas, and has from 10 year to lifetime warranties.


  • Libraries

    Our standard or custom library shelving is prevalent in our array of products and services for this market. Our interior solutions also include library casework/furniture in traditional and contemporary styles. We offer free analysis and design services for architects and end users as it pertains to shelving or casework in the library environment. We have numerous library installations in the area.


  • Education

    This market has unique needs and we can provide the right solutions. Our various types of shelving and Mobile shelving are ideal to maximize floor space for the enormous amount of records still needed to be stored for this market. Our modular casework line is manufactured by green guard certified companies, and fits in many areas within schools-classrooms, libraries, labs, mailrooms, pantries, copy areas, and many more.


  • Government

    We service Federal, State, and Local government with most of our product line. To make our product easier to buy, a majority of our products are on government purchasing contracts, whether they be GSA for the federal agencies, or State contracts for state and local agencies. Many of our products are geared towards the Military and law enforcement markets, including weapons racks and lockers, personal duty lockers, Mobile storage for evidence and military supplies, along with standard rack and shelving.


  • Corporate

    Our multitude of products and services, along with our free analysis and design services, results in a good partnership between Inner Space and the Corporate world. Our space efficient mobile storage systems can benefit any areas of paper or materials storage, including archives and the Legal depart. Our elegant library shelving and casework systems are ideal for your Corporate library, while our modular casework is perfect for your mail, copy, and pantry areas. Also, our Rotary cabinets could be a space efficient alternative to the standard lateral cabinets.


  • Industrial

    We offer numerous products that one sees in a warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution environment. Industrial shelving, various forms of pallet rack (push back, flow rack), automated storage and retrieval systems, and industrial cabinets are just some of the solutions we offer for this market. We also offer mezzanine and wire cage solutions when necessary in this environment. Our industrial mobile rack and shelving systems are a good space saving alternative product for the Industrial market.